中考英语作文写作不难,但拿高分却不容易。如何让自己的英语作文在中考中脱颖而出呢?一、审:审文体、审内容、审人称二、抓:确定主要行为Whathappened?三、扩:Whodidwhat?  使用常用高级语法:非谓语动词,with复合结构,强调句,倒装句,感叹句,定语从句,状语从句,名词性从句等.  a.表示结果用sothat/so…that…...



  二、抓:确定主要行为What happened?

 三、扩:Who did what?

  使用常用高级语法:非谓语动词,with复合结构,强调句,倒装句,感叹句,定语从句,状语从句, 名词性从句等.

  a.表示结果用so that/so…that…/such…that… as a result

  b.表示递进用not only…but also

  c.表示伴随用 with 短语或者非谓语



  f. 复杂意思用名词性从句

  g. 表示目的用不定式,only常用在不定式的前面,作结果状语

  h. 倒装句

  四. 连:事件的先后顺序的连接:正确使用过渡词,使行文流畅。并注意段与段的衔接。

  A.列举和顺序用 firstly, secondly, last, then, finally, next, such as,after that

  b. 表示意义增补和引申用also, besides, above all, what’s more / what’s worse

  c. 表示结果用 so, therefore, as a result, so…that

  d. 表示意义转折用 instead, however, but

  e. 表示解释说明用 in other words, that is to say

  f. 表示概括和总结用 then, in all, as we know

  g. 表示时间顺序用 now, at first, when, after

  h. 表示并列关系用 or, and, also, too,

  i. 表示条件关系用 as (so) long as, if, unless

  j. 表示举例用 for example, for instance, such as

  k. 表示让步关系用 though, even if , however, as

  五. 润:注意时态、名词的单复数、标点和拼写是否正确,词数是否符合要求等。





  1.李明以前是个电影迷, 一周至少去看两次电影,有时租VCD在家里看,*喜欢的影星是姜文;

  2.李明现在的兴趣是集邮, 认为集邮非常有趣,可以从邮票上学到很多关于人物、地点、历史的知识, 有些旧邮票非常有价值;

  3.上周五是李明的生日, 他从朋友那里得到了许多邮票,非常高兴。


      Ming is my good friend. He has many hobbies. He used to be a movie fan. He went to the movie theater at least twice a week. Sometimes he rented VCDs and watched them at home. His favorite movie star was Jiang Wen.

      Li Ming is interested in collecting stamps. He thinks it's great fun. He can learn a lot about people, places, history and many other things from stamps. Some old stamps are very valuable.

      Friday was Li Ming's birthday. He got many stamps from his friends. Li Ming was very happy.




  Dear Mike,

  Thanks for your letter. Now I'd like to tell you something about myself._______

  Yours, Bob

  January 12th, 2002



  Dear Mike,

  Thanks for your letter, Now I'd like to tell you something about myself.

   My name is x x. I'm twelve. I study at Bei Da Resource Middle School, I'm in class Four Grade One. My favorite subject is science and I also like geography. Because they are very important and useful. I like playing the violin. I like an action movie .Because it is exciting .What about you? Do you like an action movie?

  please write to tell me soon.

  January 12 th,.2002











    My name is Xia Yunhan. I was born in October, 1993. I live in Ningde. I study in Class 5, Grade 8, Ningde No. 108 Middle School. I like collecting stamps and singing. At weekends I often go boating in the park, and go to the movies, too. When I grow up, I want to be a soldier.


  〖题目〗假设你是导游,请根据下面表格所给的提示,用英语向外宾简单介绍一下景点的情况及参观时的注意事项。词数: 70词左右(开头已给出,但不计入总词数)。

  景点名称:The Sandu Island





  Ladies and gentlemen,

  Welcome to the Sandu Island! Now let me tell you something about it. The Sandu Island is a beautiful place surrounded by the sea and it has a long history. It's a good place to spend holidays because there are many places of interest on it.

  You can have great fun on this island. You can go boating, go fishing and have picnics if you like. Besides, you can walk along the beach.

  You'll stay on the island for the whole morning, have lunch on the island and leave in the afternoon. While you are traveling, pay attention to your own safety.

  Hope you have a good time on the island!

  Thank you.


  〖题目〗根据提示,请以“School Rules”为题,写一篇短文或对话提示:每所学校都有规章制度,下面是你们学校的一些规章制度,请你向一位新生Mary作一下介绍。内容包括:

  1. 上课不能迟到。

  2. 教室要保持(keep)干净和安静。

  3. 见到老师要问好。(greet)

  4. 不允许在教室里吃东西。

  5. 不许在课堂上听音乐,玩游戏。

  6. 不要损害花草树木。(pick flowers; climb trees)


  School Rules

  Welcome to our school, Mary. Here are some of our school rules. Let me tell you: We can't arrive late for class. We can't talk loudly in class. We have to be quiet in class, and we have to keep our class clean. When we meet the teachers on the way, we must greet them. We can't eat or drink in the classroom. But we can eat outside. We can't listen to music or play games in class, either. We can't pick flowers or climb trees.





  Receiver:Li Zhiyuan@163.com


  Subject:How to protect the clean water?

  Dear Li Zhiyuan,

  I feel very excited about my visit to Fuzhou and meeting you for the first time!

  But I'm still not sure about the following questions:

  1.Are there any rivers or lakes in your city?

  2.Is the water dirty or clean? Why?

  3.Did you do anything useful to protect the clean water?

  Please let me know.

  Your friend,

  Wei Huanjing  


  Dear Wei Huanjing,

  I am very excited to receive your e-mail. I am interested in your questions.

  There are many rivers in our city. Ming Jiang River is one of the longest rivers. But the water in the river isn't as clean as before. This is because people cut the trees down a lot. As we know, trees can keep the water much cleaner. On March 12th, We often plant some trees on the hills. More and more trees are growing. I think the water is becoming cleaner and cleaner.

  Looking forward to meeting you soon.


  Li Zhiyuan



  Jim 是个中学生, 学习努力, 平时喜欢上网冲浪和看英语书。 他每周锻炼一至两次,饮食习惯良好,天天步行上学,身体健康。提示词: Internet, once or twice, eating habit, hardly, junk food, healthy


  Jim is a high school student. He works hard at school. He usually likes surfing the Internet and reading English books .He exercises once or twice a week. He has good eating habits. He hardly ever eats junk food. Every day he goes to school on foot. So he is very healthy.



  Tom 邀请Li Ping 参加他这周日的生日宴会,但Li Ping的父母出差要到下个月回来,奶奶又卧病在床,需要人照顾。再说英语考试即将来临,因此,无法前去参加生日宴会。Li Ping感到很抱歉,只好写信辞谢。

  Dear Tom,

  Thank you very much for inviting me to your birthday party.I'd love to go but I can't.

  My parent ____________________________________.   From Li Ping


  Dear Tom,

  Thank you very much for inviting me to your birthday party. I'd love to go but I can't. My parents are out on business. They are coming back next month. And now I have to look after my grandma because she is ill in bed. And I also need to study for my coming English exam. I'm very sorry but I can't go to your party. Thank you for asking me. I hope you can have a good time.



  Name: Li Bin

  Date of birth: September 12th,1990

  1996: started to learn English

  1999: started to play basketball

  2002: join the school boys' basketball team

  2003: win the first prize of English Speech Contest at school


  Li Bin is my good friend. He was born on the 12th of September,1990. His mother is an English teacher. So he started to learn English when he was six. He started to play basketball at the age of nine. He played well and he joined the school boys' basketball team in 2002. Last year he won the first prize of the English Speech Contest at school.



  1.What hobbies did you use to have? Why did you like them?

  2.What hobbies do you have now? Why do you like them?

  3.What different hobbies do you have in different seasons?


  My Hobbies

  Different people have different hobbies. I used to ride a bike and read story books. They could give us lots of knowledge. I keep cats and dogs. I thought pets were very friendly and lovely, but now I like listening to music and chatting on the Internet, because music can relax me after the daily work and chatting can bring me happiness and friendship.

  I have different hobbies in different seasons. In spring I like flying kites. In summer I go swimming. I often climb hills in the fall. I like making snowmen best in winter.